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The Gospel of Christ

Monday Nov 29, 2021

Monday Nov 29, 2021

Highlights from 2021 Gathering, Evangelism 101 at Mampong Akuapem in Eastern Region.

Sunday Aug 01, 2021

July episode is here! Welcome back to the live sessions, the podcast.It’s the NarrowWay by Hope Journey.
And we are talking about: The Church! What is the purpose of the Church?1. What is the Church? 2. How does the church build a new believer? 3. Do we all have to belong to a Church? Yes4. How do I select a church? 

Sunday Apr 25, 2021

In this Episode, the Hope Journey Community is discussing the controversial question "Is the Bible Still Relevant in our ever changing society?" Why should I believe the Bible? How Do I apply it to my life? What is the Bible? Is the Bible truly God's Word? Is it not some fairy tales? Is the Bible and The Muslim Quaran same? Are they for same purpose?

Sunday Mar 28, 2021

In this episode, The friends of Hope Journey are Looking at Dirt and Grace. This edition will usher us into the Passion week. The consequences of sin and Grace, Amazing Grace. What will happen if you don't deal with sin (What are the consequences of Sin? Are all humans subject to God’s wrath? How do we escape God’s wrath? Is there a thing called Cheap Grace? What are Examples? Why is grace such a big deal in Christianity?

Saturday Feb 27, 2021

In this Episode we are looking at Sin and dealing with sin like porn and masturbation, we’ve received some interesting questions from Facebook and Instagram and on WhatsApp and we are coming to discuss them. We keep it real, like one hundred percent. We can't lay hold of Christ while still clinging to your sin. 

Saturday Jan 30, 2021

We strive to use the common grace of live online meetings to strengthen our faith by creating a Christian Bible Study with a discussion outlook. In this discussion, we try to explain who a Christian is.
Who is a christian? A slave of Christ. Yes you can be born into the faith as in the case of Timothy (2 Timothy 1:5) but is up to you as an individual to confess Christ as your Lord(Romans 10:9) to be saved.

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